Casino Bonuses

What Is the Concept of Casinos?

For us to understand the idea behind casino bonuses, we have to digress and review the whole concept of casinos.


Casinos are physical facilities where gaming activities take place. These activities involve, placing bets to stand a chance of getting an outcome that is paying. The gaming activities range from spinning of a roulette wheel, tossing of a dice, bingo, baccarat, wheel of fortune, keno, poker, blackjack to craps. These events have only three outcomes, which are dependent on the results from the gaming and the adherence of the gaming rules and regulations set by the casino and governing institutions. These outcomes are loss, win or null and void.


How Do We Define Online Casinos?

Online casinos’ popularity has surged since the introduction of the World Wide Web and the Internet. As other businesses got directed to online platforms, so were casinos. Online casinos are making attempts to cut operating costs by cutting employment costs, rent bills and legal rates while reaching out to broader markets from the confines of reduced offices. This tremendously transformed the gaming business and enabled many gaming entrepreneurs to enter the industry bringing with them fierce competition. The number of games has surged as software engineers have a platform for developing many online games that would have been otherwise impossible.


How Do You Get Started?

The concept of online slot borrowed the principle of operation from the traditional slot machines in casinos which involved slipping coins into a slot on a device and pressing a button or pulling a handle that realigned selected order of numbers or sets that then determined an outcome. Borrowing from this concept online casinos operate on modules where software engineered slot have options of depositing money for betting and spinning for winning. Playing slot online is governed by rules and regulations of which are stipulated by the Casinos and the local administrative units of authority.


It is crucial for users to carry out due diligence and ensure that they are playing on official sites to avoid losing money to cyber criminals running phantom online casinos. Additionally, users have to familiarize themselves with the slot by playing free slot as they acquaint themselves with the online platforms and rules of the game. Finally, the user must sign up and get a unique ID to enable them to proceed accountably.


Casino Bonuses Explained

In standard terms, bonuses are additional wages for exemplary performance that are issued by firms or business entities to their clients following an increase in revenues the breaking even of operations. In this sense, casino bonuses are additional money added to your deposited funds for gaming purposes. However, the bonuses vary as later explained. The whole idea behind bonuses is to reward people who stake money and play slot for some specified times. The benefit to you is your increased chances of winning as the frequency gaming elevates the probability of a win. It is critical to understand the terms and conditions of bonuses to avoid disillusionment and disappointments or a possible loss of funds by extra gaming beyond your budget.

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Online casinos offer more bonuses than physical casinos because they incur fewer operational costs and the cutthroat online competition that requires all players to be on top of their game. On receiving a bonus, you play more at the expense of the online casino.


Types of Online Casino Bonuses


1.   Deposit Online Casino Bonuses/Cashable Bonuses

These casino bonuses require deposits of a specified amount of money to enable you to make withdrawals of your winnings. The essence of this bonus is to reward passionate gamers and increase their chances of winnings while at the same point rise the casino's revenues.


For example, if you play a game that requires a wager of $50 per game with a cashable bonus of 100%, the condition for withdrawing any winnings will be to play 20 times. You will then stake $1,000 through your direct deposited monies. If you win, let's say $400,000 the total funds in your account for withdrawal will be $400,000 + $1,000.


If the winnings are made, and the player withdraws the money, the bonus gets nullified.


   2. Sticky Bonuses-Type 1

This type of bonus is not available for withdrawal by the gambler, but the winnings are. For example, if a player has won $50 and a bonus of $25, the available bonus for withdrawing is $50. This type of bonuses leaves the player with more money to stake play a slot and increase the chances of winnings in the strict sense. Playing a slot with the bonus technically exhausts the players account balance, and more deposits have to be made. However, if you withdraw any winnings after playing the bonus slot, the bonus is exhausted automatically.


    3. Sticky Bonuses- Type II

This bonus has the same characteristics as the sticky type 1 bonus. The difference is that you can withdraw your winning and still use your bonus to wager.


    4. Deposit Package Bonus

These bonuses are a combination of sticky and cashable deposits to encourage players to stake more and also a marketing tool.


    5. Exclusive Casino Bonuses/ High Roller Bonuses

These are online bonuses that are settled on after an affiliate negotiates on the player's account. They serve as a link between online casinos and players. Most exclusive bonuses are cashable, and they are given to gamers with high stakes.


   6. No deposit Bonuses/ Free Spins Bonuses

The free spin bonuses are allowances staked to players to enable them to make free spins upon exhausting their money deposits. These free spins are, however, given to players who have wagered the highest number of unsuccessful spins.


   7. Free Play Bonus

This bonus is given to new players to enable them to familiarize with the games at play. If you win under such a bonus, you will be required to deposit some real money into your account before you withdraw your winnings.


Real Examples of Casino Bonuses on Selected Games


1. Online Roulette Casino Bonuses

Online Roulette is a famous online casino game. It has a long history of casinos compared to other games. The bets are made via mobile phones, iPad or desktop computers after accessing an online casino. When playing the game on your first time, you will not have to read through the game requirements and rules for endless times before you get started. The game involves prediction of numbered pocket the ball will settle on once the wheel stops spinning. If you want to get the best odds, you may predict out rightly the number that the ball will settle on and in such a case, your winnings will be higher which translates to a higher bonus for you as per the terms and conditions of the specific casino. On the other hand, if you are skeptical of a win, you may select the colors of the pockets where the numbers are which are usually red or black.


Because this carries with it minimizes the odds, you will get lower bonuses and lower winning magnitudes. The casino reserves the right to determine the terms and conditions of the bonuses, and you should carry out your due diligence and understand the bonuses available. In this case, risk-averse players who select red and blacks, as outcomes usually get awarded Sticky bonuses while the non-risk players are awarded cashable bonuses.


Online roulettes games vary across online casinos, and the most common categories are:

• European Roulette

• American Roulette

• Live Roulette

• Premium European Roulette and others


  2.  Online Poker Casino Bonuses

Online poker is a game of cards that you play in online casinos. This game involves different players who focus on each other's betting patterns, speed, usage of auto plays, flop percentages, and the general behavior fluctuations. Winners have to have a combination of cards like the four of a kind, high card, straight flush, two pair, straight, three of a kind, full house, flush, and Royal flush. In the events of ties, the most elevated cards win.


You may encounter online poker sites that reward players with bonuses usually on new players. The payments are correlated to the cumulative rakes by the player. For instance, a poker casino may offer a player who deposits $500 a bonus of $250 that awards $25 every time the player rakes $125. To earn the full $250 bonus sum, the player would have accumulated $1250 in total rakes.


Casino bonuses are incentives by online casinos offered to potential players to attract them to participate in the gaming activities. The attractive bonuses and the desire for payout by the players can lead to gambling problems. This is why engaging in online gaming is strictly restricted to a person over the age 18 years and of sound mind.

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