Life Of Luxury Slot For Free

The wealth theme is described in a variety of video slots by various developers, but the WMS machine called Life of Luxury is a particularly vivid and fascinating example of luxury in the player’s life.

If you will decide to play Life of Luxury slots, then it will teleport you to the glorious time and life with no limits.

The theme of the gaming machine Life of Luxury opens the door to the user in a luxurious and carefree life that unfolds on the reels. Endless trips around the world are waiting for the player, in which he will be accompanied by charming dark-haired girls. Also, the user will allow himself to participate in various expensive entertainment, travel, and even will be awarded very valuable prizes. The player should tune in to the fact that he will become a very rich and famous person at least for a while. In his hands there will be not just personal jewels, but also the doors to all corners of the world will be open.

Gaming machine design

The graphic design of the video slot displays its main theme, and therefore the gameplay will unfold against the backdrop of frilly red ornamental walls that are inherent in luxury mansions. Fans of the Life of Luxury slot machine will be delighted with the view of the slot being watched. Moreover, the game is full of pictures relating to these types of entertainment, which are inherent only to wealthy people, which also corresponds to the general theme of the slot. In the role of characters here are some thematic images. The quality of the graphics in the slot is very high and animated, which guarantees the user to maintain believable gameplay. Also, the overall style of the game is complemented by a variety of sound effects.

Slot machine interface

The player will have to control the gameplay on the Life of Luxury through a special control panel, which contains several buttons needed for this. The first thing the user will need to do is activate the PAYS tab, where the table of potential payments is located, as well as some rules of the game,  are described. More information about the video slot features is described in the sections HELP and OPTIONS.

Next, the user is required to select the appropriate bet, from which it will further depend on what prize he will receive for the winning combination. The rate is determined using the BET function and the more it turns out, the larger the final payment for the combination will be. The maximum bet indicator is selected by pressing the MAX BET button. The game actions in this slot occur due to the active lines, the number of which by default equals 3. To start the reels in motion, the user will need to press the button of the manual mode SPIN or the automatic AUTOPLAY.

The main action that the player must perform in order to win the machine is to form combinations. This is possible due to the game characters, which number in the slot is 12. Among them, there are as usual images that promise the player to simply receive payments, and there are also those that have additional abilities. A special type of symbols is wild and scatter.

A wild symbol is the logo of the gambling machine, one of the functions of which is to replace any characters to form a winning combination. When wild takes part, not in its combinations, payments for them double in comparison with that provided by the bet and coefficient. When wild helps to form combinations during free spins, it increases payments by 4 times.

The second special symbol of the machine is called a scatter and it is able to activate free spins if it appears on the reels at least in triple amounts. Besides the fact that this symbol has rather high own payout factors, it also forms combinations in which scatters are not tied to the same lines. As soon as 3 scatters are on the reels, the player should expect that he will have the opportunity to perform 10 free spins, during which there is a double factor. While performing free spins, you can win re-spins – a new series of free credits. Well, besides the described symbols, images related to the theme of travel and rich life are waiting for the user in the gaming machine.


The game slot Life of Luxury describes the theme of wealth and therefore has classy high-quality graphics, symbols, and thematic gameplay. To make the game more interesting, special symbols are presented here, as well as free spins.

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